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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The game is good for practicing your reflexes and improving them, the choice of songs is not as wide as I had expected. The guitars are creative and the game is enjoyable and fun to play.

In my opinion, I wouldn't play this game daily or often but its a great way to practice your reflexes and a good way to have fun if you're majorly bored.

I liked playing the game because it was fun challenging my fingers to move with the beat and to keep in line with the song.

In all fairness the only thing that needs to be worked on majorly is the choice of songs, there should be a lot more genres and more songs to choose from. The boss battles should also be improved slightly, maybe make them more exciting or let the boss be more involved.

Overall I enjoyed the game and I believe I have given a fair rating, good job on the game.

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